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My name is Ali Al-Abdulmuhsen. I'm half American and Kuwaiti and I graduated from the University of Arizona. I have been to Japan eight times and I experienced many aspects of Japanese life. 
Each year I went to Japan I did volunteer teaching. I even engaged with Japanese people in different countries such as in Kuwait and the US. I speak English, Arabic and some Japanese.


While I was in Japan in the previous years, I helped with the Tsunami relief program in Sendai with Japanese students and adults. I’m very
interested in the Japanese culture. I studied Japanese religion, literature, language, linguistics, history and other aspects of Japanese culture. I visited many shrines and temples, went to different kinds of festivals, and went to many places in Japan. I enjoy engaging with the kids, teenagers, and adults by teaching them language skills and communication skills. Also, to teach them how to interact with each other in a different language. Each language is unique and has its own method of interaction. I’m very glad that Global Village gave me this job and opportunity to teach. My two main philosophies are:
the more you know the more you don’t know. The reason for that is because knowledge is infinite and everybody knows something and we can learn from each other. And the second, if you are going to make a mistake in language make it BIG! That way a person will be able to learn and making mistakes is the way to learn. No one is perfect in language even if you are a native speaker. It is my pleasure to work with Global Village team and I hope we and especially the students can learn many things from each other. I look forward in working and enjoying Japanese life in Japan.




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